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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
First select the father for the virtual mating.

Select the father
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Name Registration number Date of birth
KAGO-DOGS ALIVE AND KICKING 2702521 04/21/2008
KAGO-DOGS EXCALIBUR 2867689 12/17/2012
KANJER 1481903 05/23/1986
Kerrisdale Distant Drums 05/07/2000
KIDDO 1459344 01/28/1986
Kimtyke O Rooney 04/13/2006
KING OF DÉOFOL 1414736 08/17/1985
KINGS FUTURE HANDSOME MAX 1959042 09/06/1994
KINGSTON 1349776 09/17/1984
KLUUF OSCAR 2272461 12/11/1999
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